McDonald’s All-beef Premium Burgers TVC

This is one of my last McDonald’s projects. Was part of the ideation and early stages of production until our team was split in two. Props to Alvin Tecson and his team for making this look as beautiful as we all envisioned it to be!

I miss this account *Sniff*

Advertiser: McDonald’s

Agency: Leo Burnett Manila

Creative Team: Raoul Panes, Alvin Tecson, Carl Urgino, Mela Advincula, Carlo Cruz, Alexa Remalante, Chary Chu, Gian Nealega

Accounts: Donny Dingcong, Maik Alturas, Lauren Seranilla

Director: Stephen Ngo


McDonald’s “Ways” – McDelivery 86-2-36 RC 45s

Can’t remember McDonald’s delivery number? Maybe this can help.

– – –

“Ways” 45s 

Advertiser: McDonald’s

Agency: Leo Burnett Manila

Chief Creative Officer: Raoul Panes

Creative Director: Alvin Tecson

Scriptwriter: Gian Nealega

Accounts: Donny Dingcong, Tria Sordan

Producer: Lizanne Padilla-Alcazaren

Audio Production House: Soundesign Manila