LBC Remit Express “Madaling Araw” TVC

While most remittance companies work hard to find ways for people to reach them, LBC worked smart by introducing a revolutionary remittance network that reaches out to people, wherever they may be.

To showcase this vast network that covers virtually every corner of the world (via 1,000 LBC Branches nationwide, 88 International Branches, Partner banks, 9,500 24/7 ATMs, 30 Million Visa partners and 30 Million Filipino homes), the “Madaling Araw” TVC was launched on June 10, during the Pacquaio – Bradley match.

Using a symbolic visual device, which is the Sun’s ray of light, the TVC shows that no matter what the situation is, one’s day “lights-up” when they get their money on time, in the most convenient way possible.

Backed by the anthemic OPM classic “Liwanag sa Dilim” by Rivermaya, the film progresses to grand and spectacular shots of an LBC Rider who was shown to be shedding light to San Juanico bridge and Bangui Wind Mills, with the sun rising with all its majesty in the background.

The campaign is a testament of LBC Remit Express’ commitment in making the remittance process easier for everyone. And with a network like this, senders and receivers have the most convenient ways to send and receive hard-earned money – and in effect shed light to their hopes, dreams and aspirations.


Agency: Aspac Advertising

President: Angel Antonio

Executive Creative Director: Third Domingo

Creative Director: Boni Santos

Senior Art Director: Avery Alina

Copywriter: Gian Nealega

AVP Accounts: Rissa De Guzman

Production House: Provill

Director: Onat Diaz

Post Production House: Underground Logic


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